Plaza 33 Is A New Place To Relax In NYC

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The perks of being in New York City is that there is almost always something to do at any given hour, whether it is 12 noon or 12 midnight. With so many things to do, there are sometimes certain places that go unnoticed of how beautifully rich New York City is.

Spotlighting a hidden attraction of New York City, let’s focus on a newly developed open plaza right beside Madison Square Garden, Plaza 33.

Closing off 33rd St. between 7th and 8th Ave, Plaza 33 is now a spot where people can just sit down and relax for a bit for tourists, people taking their lunch break, and anyone who happens to pass by.

Plaza 33

Plaza 33 will be open until early October. (Source: RideOfFame)

Whether it may be taking in and soaking up the sun or using the free wi-fi to stay connected, Plaza 33 has plenty to offer.

The plaza provides several food vendors to choose from as well as a bunch of events to plan for, during day and night. All the way through early October, you can join in on some salsa classes and even enjoy movie night for both kids and adults, to add a little bit of fun.

Plaza 33

A lunch crowd at Plaza 33 looking at the several food vendors right by the plaza. (Source: RideOfFame)

Another highlight of Plaza 33 would be the art. Two structures in this plaza are hard to go unnoticed. The works of the two sculptures in the plaza are done by famed artists Keith Haring and Roy Lichenstein.

Plaza 33

A sculpture done by artist Keith Haring in the middle of Plaza 33. (Source: RideOfFame)

Again, Plaza 33 is another example for you to explore what New York City has to offer. If you do have an opportunity, stop by to enjoy the sites of Plaza 33 from MSG, the art sculptures, and the even the simpler beauty’s other than the skyscrapers.

Plaza 33

A bee landing on a flower at Plaza 33. (Source: RideOfFame)

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