FAILE Unveils New Sculpture In Times Square

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FAILE Wishing on You

FAILE unveils new sculpture in Times Square, New York City (Source: RideOfFame)

If you’re fond of art or simply find an interest in anything cool in New York City, you’ll want to head to Times Square, where a new piece of art has been recently unveiled.

If you haven’t heard of the artist FAILE, a collaboration between artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, you may have heard of their exhibits in the Brooklyn Museum, Savage/Sacred Young Minds.

FAILE Wishing on You

FAILE is a collaboration between two artists Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller. (Source: RideOfFame)

Hailing from Brooklyn, FAILE, in their latest work, has constructed a sculpture made entirely of wood, titled Wishing on You.

Hand carved and standing at a tall 7 ft., the sculpture is even more fun due to the ability to actually interact with it.

FAILE Wishing on You

“Wishing on You” stands at 7 ft. tall. (Source: RideOfFame)

FAILE encourages the people to get up close to view and feel the details of the hand carved wood, as well as its eye-catching colors.

In addition to, you’ll have to ability to literally give the piece a spin or take a seat on its steps to simply relax.

FAILE Wishing on You

The new piece by FAILE is made entirely of wood. (Source: RideOfFame)

The different figures, words, and depictions of Americana should be no surprise as to why its placed in Times Square.

New York City is simply a city that attracts people from all around the world to stop by to see the bright lights.

FAILE Wishing on You

The eye-catching colors and the hand carved designs are what grabs your attention. (Source: RideOfFame)

Wishing On You will be on display on the Broadway Plaza between 42nd St. and 43rd St. until September 1st in Times Square.

Savage/Sacred Young Minds in the Brooklyn Museum will be open for viewing up until October 4th.

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