Why Uber Will Never Replace NYC Taxis

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Uber is a fast growing car service praised by the younger generation. Recently, there has been much debate over whether Uber will take away Yellow Taxi customers and possibly replace taxis. If you don’t know what Uber is, it’s a car service app that lets customers request a car to pick them up from wherever they are. There are a variety of car options to choose from at different rates and many app options as well.

Taxi Cab New York City

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Here is a step-by-step process on how to use the Uber app to request a car:

1. Download the Uber App and set up your account, payment info, and preferences. Then your are set to start using Uber!

2. Select where you want to be picked up.

3. Request a ride and see what drivers are near you. You can see who the driver is, the fare quote and how long it will take them to arrive at your location.

4. Select a driver and enter your destination.

5. The driver will pick you up (car will say Uber somewhere) and they will be notified of your drop-off destination.

6. You will then be notified of the route that will be taken and the time of arrival.

7. Yay! You made it to your destination! Payment made via app.

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  • Quick and convenient to request a car.
  • Variety of cars and rates for all customer preferences, including requesting a regular taxi.
  • Good quality cars.
  • The price is set before pick-up and can be paid via phone.
  • GPS locator and split fare options.
  • Good to take if you have luggage.


  • Can’t use the app if your phone battery goes dead.
  • Cancellation Fee of $10.
  • Driver can cancel transportation inconveniencing the customer.
  • Uber uses “surge pricing” meaning that prices go up during heavy traffic times.
  • Being a third-party car service, you’re not guaranteed the best driver and customer service.
  • Expensive compared to public transportation.



  • Usually located everywhere in NYC and if not, you can call for a cab.
  • The drivers drive fast as long as there is no traffic.
  • All drivers have to pass a background check and other tests and training before becoming a taxi driver.
  • Taxis run at all hours of the day.
  • Good to take if you have luggage.


  • Taxis are usually dirty and of low quality.
  • Sometimes it can be hard to communicate with your driver.
  • Expensive compared to public transportation.
  • Traffic can make your ride longer= more $$
  • The ride is usually rough.

After evaluating these pros and cons, it is easier to understand why customers may or may not want to take Uber or Taxis. Uber has style, comfort, technology and options while Taxis are available 24/7, have qualified drivers and are the norm in NYC.

Uber will never fully replace NYC Taxis. With Uber having better quality cars, different car options and app features like cashless payment, Uber will most likely just take away some NYC Taxi customers resulting in a decrease of the amount of taxi drivers. Even though I believe this, Uber is also promoting taxis by having the app option to request one.

Overall, Taxis will never go away because they are an essential part of life in NYC. When you think of NYC, one of the first things you think about are the yellow taxis. The speeding, honking and yelling! Without taxis, NYC would not be the same and way too quiet. There will always be customers who prefer hailing a taxi over requesting a car on Uber. At some point, you have to detach from technology and enjoy your surroundings.

As a side note about Uber, it seems that the service will continue to rise since technology is constantly evolving and being used. The app features and other pros greatly appeal to customers and hide the fact that there are cons of this service and alternative choices. However, you never know when future competition may show up and possibly become better than Uber.

Based on this post and your own knowledge, Do you think Uber will continue to rise and replace NYC Taxis in the future? You be the judge and share your opinion with us!

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This is an editorial written be Ride of Fame Marketing Media Intern, Holly Zink. You can contact her by email at holly.zink@newyorksightseeing.com.