The Beauty Of Athletes Engaging With Fans

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It’s not often a fan gets a chance to meet the celebrity or athlete they admire and praise about. When that opportunity does occur, something magical happens! The person is filled with an insurmountable amount of happiness, joy and excitement.

I witnessed this magic happen during a Ride Of Fame event where they inducted three NYCFC players: David VillaFrank Lampard, and Andrea Pirlo.


(Source: Ride OF Fame) NYCFC players Villa, Lampard, and Pirlo are inducted as Ride Of Fame Honorees.

The fans came early and were clearly eager to just get a glimpse of Lampard, Villa, and Pirlo that afternoon. While waiting you could sense the fans were anxious and thrilled!

Talking amongst themselves, I could overhear several of them discussing who they wanted to get a picture with, what they were looking to get signed, as well as their favorite plays from the season.

Pirlo NYCFC fans

(Source: Ride Of Fame) Andrea Pirlo arrives to fans during the Ride Of Fame ceremony.

While the NYCFC are currently in a playoff push, the fact that these players took time out of their schedule to partake in the Ride Of Fame event and engage with fans should not go unnoticed.

In the thick of playoff contention, Lampard, Villa, and Pirlo understood the importance and passion of their fans.

The incredible support these fans have for the players and team is a relationship that is bigger than sports. While the sport of soccer brings them altogether, the love for the game and the connection these fans have for them goes beyond it.

Lampard ROF fans

(Source: Ride Of Fame) Frank Lampard takes time to sign a NYCFC jersey.

The moment the fans were given the opportunity to finally take that picture or get something signed by these soccer stars, you can see all of them wide eyed and smiling from cheek to cheek being up and close with their idols. At this very moment I noticed first-hand the sheer influence these players had.

I can even recall one super-fan in particular, roughly in his late 50’s, so shocked to see Andrea Pirlo that his hands were shaking due to his nerves and excitement. Seeing this in person showed me how unreal it felt for that person.

Lampard ROF fans NYCFC

(Source: Ride Of Fame) Frank Lampard is greeted with smiles with two young soccer fans.

Being there at the NYCFC Ride Of Fame event opened my eyes to see the impact these players can have on a single person. From children looking to get an autograph, or the grown-ups, men, and women hoping to snap a selfie, moments like these will be unforgettable.

As NYCFC look to continue their playoff push, these fans will continue to support them regardless of the outcome by the end of the season.

With that said, these devoted fans who came out that day are what makes the love of sports that much more dynamic. This athlete-fan relationship is something to see in person. The joy, the excitement, the smiles, the laughter, it’s everything a fan can hope for when meeting someone they idolize and admire.


(Source: Ride Of Fame) Ride Of Fame Honorees: Frank Lampard, David Villa, & Andrea Pirlo.

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