Ride Of Fame Goes To New York Comic Con 2015

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New York Comic Con (NYCC) just concluded this past Sunday, and while the some are finally getting their rest from the 4-day event, I’m here to give you how my experience was on NYCC!

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) Ride Of Fame takes on New York Comic Con 2015.

To begin, I never thought I would have seen myself at an event like this. While I want to say that I grew out of my love for games, comics, cartoons, etc. from my childhood, Comic Con was more than just that and it reminded me how much fun it is to keep that part of your life alive.

The event isn’t only for the ones to re-live their past but to those who enjoy them still today, whether they are 10 years old to even 100 years old, the event is for every and any type of fan.

Every single person at the convention had one common interest that day, and it was to show their love for the games, shows, characters, movies, and anything in between that they were in to.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) When at NYCC use the force whenever it is necessary!

One thing I admire from my experience at NYCC was the passion and love the people in there had.

From the many people cosplaying, fans dressing up as their favorite character, or talking amongst the many other fans in attendance, there was simply no judging of other people.

There was more of an admiration from the oddest and coolest looking costumes, and sharing moments and interests they had.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) Many fans head over to see Batman vs. Superman.

Going to Comic Con, without a doubt, is a sight to see! Seriously, you’ll be amazed at how these costumes look and how close they look to the real thing.

Sometimes you’ll even have to do a double take to make sure what you saw was even real.

Every corner you turn at the event you see something new, whether it may be a booth of comics and toys to a fan cosplaying as something unexpected and wild.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) This fan cosplaying as Edward Scissorhands is as good as the real thing.

One memorable part during NYCC was when I was at the wrong place at the wrong time (or maybe right place, perfect time depending who you ask). Unknowingly, the cast of Pretty Little Liars arrived to do a signing right by the ABC Family booth.

As soon as they arrived a rush of people attempted to circle the actresses where I would ultimately end up being caught in the middle and essentially stuck.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) A Pretty Little Liars poster board appears in the ABC Family booth.

From fans forcing their way to take a picture or reaching their hand to touch their favorite actress, it felt as if mayhem was breaking loose.

With so many flashes blinding you from the cameras and the numerous fans screaming their names, and some teenage girls throwing, what I believe to have been, their elbows to get a better view, it took almost 10 minutes for me to break free from the crowd to get a fresh breath of air.

I wouldn’t say I was scared, but at that moment I’ve never experienced, first-hand, as to how crazy and excited fans can get. Standing about 5-6 feet away from the actresses I was actually star-struck but not as much as the fans surrounding me.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) Spider Man swings on by New York Comic Con.

During Comic Con. you can see many fans dressed as your favorite characters and also spot some celebrities if you know where to look and go. But if you weren’t there for that, the toys are something you would want to check out!

One thing that made me want to just say “take my money” were the awesome toys at the booths at Comic Con.

While some figures went well above what I thought they would be, looking at some pieces up close were eye-0pening.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) At this Marvel panel, they give you a sneak peak of what’s to come.

Another must-thing to do during NYCC is to attend an a panel. During a panel, a group of people ranging from the actors, directors and/or producers discuss their show or movies and the direction they plan on going. I went to the Marvel Animation panel where I got a sneak peek into the upcoming shows such as The Guardians of the Galaxy animation series. It was pretty cool!

Talking to the people at NYCC is another thing I pleasantly enjoyed. Almost all the people we went up to and talked to were more than willing to talk about why they were there, what was their favorite booths, who they wanted to meet, and more!

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) We spotted Waldo at NYCC!

While the term “geek” or “nerd” may be thrown around at these people, coming from a sports fan myself, they are no different. Every person has their own thing that they are interested in.

While mine may be basketball, that same passion, love, and interest is equivalent to those at Comic Con who find interest in games, movies, toys, etc.

Ride Of Fame Comic Con

(Source: RideOfFame) A team of Flashes are joined by Darth Vader and the Green Arrow.

After attending the event, it made me appreciate more of what Comic Con has to offer. I actually wouldn’t mind going next year, who would’ve thought!

With such a fun and welcoming atmosphere, you can sense a community of fans who understand each other.

With my first experience of Comic Con I’ve learned that it isn’t just a place to wear costumes, buy new toys, etc. but instead a place to express yourself freely where no one is there to judge you. In the end, everyone there just wanted to have fun!

Enjoy some more pics of Ride Of Fame at New York Comic Con below!

Ride Of Fame Comic Con Ride Of Fame Comic Con Ride Of Fame Comic Con

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