Ride of Fame’s 5th Anniversary Best Moments!

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Wow! It’s already been 5 years since the Ride of Fame first started! The time really does fly. With a New Year soon to come, we wanted to share with all of you some of our favorite Ride of Fame Moments!

New York City FC History!

David Villa, Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo Ride of Fame

David Villa, Frank Lampard and Andrea Pirlo at their Ride of Fame Induction

Ride of Fame made history by getting New York City FC players Andrea Pirlo, Frank Lampard and David Villa all in one place! It was definitely a momentous occasion with the fans very excited. There was even one fan all the way from England who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. He even gave me a hug because he was so thankful!

Inducting a Knight

Inducting a Knight into Ride of Fame was definitely a great moment for the books! Everyone was star struck when we honored Sir Patrick Stewart with his own NYC double-decker bus. He is not only a Knight, but is an internationally known actor! His major roles include Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men and Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Our First Ceremony In Times Square!

Liza Minnelli Times Square Ride of Fame

Liza Minnelli on top of her Ride of Fame bus

Having a honoree ceremony in Times Square sure makes our list of Best Moments! To top it off, we were inducting none other than Broadway star and singing legend Liza Minnelli, who is the ultimate package. No greater place in the world to honor a Broadway star than in the city that never sleeps!

Inducting Legend Joan Rivers

It was truly a honor to have inducted Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa Rivers into Ride of Fame. We were so fortunate to have inducted icon Joan Rivers into our Ride of Fame family about year before her passing. Just as shown in the video, she could always make you laugh. We will miss you Joan.

Ride Of Fame Meets Broadway

Ride of Fame recently inducted Allegiance Broadway star, George Takei! What a speech he gave at his recent Ride of Fame Induction! It is definitely one of the best so far! Not only talking about how great NYC is but about his Broadway show Allegiance and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Fab Five

Fifth Harmony Ride of Fame

Fifth Harmony at the Ride of Fame

Right before Fifth Harmony skyrocketed into stardom like a BOSS, we got to induct this great music group! This group has such great personalities that the fans adore! Check out this exclusive interview from Chelsea of Chelsea’s Channel at that Ride of Fame Event!

Fan Crazy for LL Cool J

LL Cool J Ride of Fame

LL Cool J interacting with fans at his Ride of Fame Induction

The minute the fans met LL Cool J, they went crazy over this rapper turned TV and movie star and who wouldn’t! Don’t believe me? Just take another look at the photo above! He has the acting chops, the charm and is just an overall great honoree. He currently plays Sam Hanna in the hit CBS television show NCIS: Los Angeles.

NY Mets Captain David Wright

This induction is especially one of our best moments not only because he is the Captain of our local New York Mets but since he is an all-around great person. He appreciates all the support he gets from fans and just loves what he does. His love for the game is definitely apparent since he led the Mets to become the 2015 National League Champions and to compete in the World Series! We can’t wait to see what the NY Mets bring next season!

Our Un-Official First IT Honoree

Source: Ride of Fame

Source: Ride of Fame

At the start of Ride of Fame, we did not categorize some of our honorees as an imminent, IT or Immortal. So unofficially, Henrik Lundqvist of the New York Rangers was our first IT honoree. You could feel the excitement as fans gathered to honoree not only a great team but a great player on the ice.

What A Speech

Marc Anthony Ride of Fame

Marc Anthony giving a heartfelt speech

Singer Marc Anthony gave a very heartfelt speech when he was inducted into the Ride of Fame. He was overwhelmed and honored to be receiving this great honor as he grew up in the city. As he stated in his speech, “A lot of my dreams were born here on these streets… A lot of my dreams came true on these streets. Today to see this kind of recognition in a city that means so much to me is overwhelming.”

We sure do have some great Ride of Fame Honorees! This week, we will begin a very exciting New Year full of new Ride of Fame Honoree inductions to look forward to. Check out this year’s upcoming honorees!

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Have a happy and healthy New Year from all of us at Ride of Fame!

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