Adele Is The Best Artist Of All Time.

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Ever since “Rolling in the Deep” was immensely overplayed in 2011, I’ve declared that I wasn’t an Adele fan. This, of course, always brought on looks of shock from anyone that I told. My reasoning? I was just tired of the song and therefore, thought that I was tired of Adele.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. It took me a while to even listen to her new album, 25, because I really did have myself convinced that I wasn’t a fan. And now I’m here to say:

I’m sorry that I ever doubted you, Adele.

Not only is the new album exquisite, but it is nearly impossible not to adore Adele.

She’s the kind of role model that is so badly needed in the entertainment industry these days. Someone who doesn’t obsess over social media, protects her family and could take or leave fame.

She’s an artist, not an entertainer. She has that same, wonderful aura about her that Ed Sheeran has. They are the type of people you know you would have the most epic time with if you just hung out with them for a night. They’re authentic. REAL.

So why the success?

Because she refused to play the game. She has a Twitter account, but has posted maybe twenty times this past year. She just joined Instagram this month, and it is very classy, not cluttered with “selfies” like so many celebrities post to obtain followers.

People respect Adele because she is confident in herself and doesn’t try to transform herself into any particular image or “brand.” Often celebrities start out like Adele – just being themselves. But then something happens, and they get caught up in all of the attention they get and lose sight of their true artist.

While their fame may continue to skyrocket – any respect that people may have previously had for them will vanish.

Take Miley Cyrus for instance; she started out as a likable human being that fans looked up to. She never seemed to pretend to be someone she wasn’t, especially with her two early hits “The Climb” and “Party In The USA“.

Then she decided that she wanted to create a certain “brand” for herself. While she has certainly accomplished that, she has at the same time lost all of the respect that people used to have for her.

Miley Cyrus is an entertainer (that’s even a stretch). She (and so many others) put on a show for people – through their concerts and even through their social media. People talk about Miley because she is offensive and obnoxious. What kind of legacy is that?

Being an artist is so much more than that.

The common way to write pop songs is a producer will come up with a catchy beat or melody that they know people will love, and then throw some lyrics in that fit the tune. This is how singers like Rita Ora and Ariana Grande work. So many of the songs on the radio aren’t even written by the people that sing them. These are the songs that last for a summer and then are forgotten.

Adele doesn’t work that way. She writes the lyrics out fully, and then puts the words to music, something that is very rare in the music industry these days. Producing the songs using this technique preserves the meaning and depth of the song.

Adele hasn’t fallen into the “entertainer” trap. She has chosen to live her life – her very own private life, and that is something that every single one of us can respect and understand. She puts her family first.

Now you see where the respect originates. The adoration though? Well, that’s just from her killer voice.

When I take a step back and realize that she is NOT singing “Rolling in the Deep,” I realize just how beautifully classic her voice is. She is not trying to be the super catchy hit song of the summer (or winter), she is just singing from her heart.

She has such a presence too. Just watching her sing – you believe her. And her lyrics – they have meaning!

In Time’s feature article on Adele, they appropriately said of her, “Adele Is Music’s Past, Present and Future.”


(Source: nikotransmission/flickr/Wikipedia – cropped)

And she is the future in her promise to be true to herself, true to her fans and true to music.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

She is the BEST because she has a perfect voice, an endearing personality and because she is genuine. I dare you to disagree.