Warriors Would Beat The Almighty ’95 – ’96 Bulls

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We are witnessing history in the making!

Could you ever have imagined a team better than the world famous 1995 -1996 Chicago Bulls, lead by the best player to ever play the game in Michael Jordan?!

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and his Bulls have the best single season record in the NBA at 72 wins. (Source: Steve Lipofsky/Basketball Photo/Wikipedia – cropped)

As the Bulls finished that historic season with an incredible NBA record of 72 wins and only 10 losses, leading them to yet another championship, there is a team today that will surpass this record by the end of the season, the Golden State Warriors!

Coming fresh off of a championship season, the Warriors were lead by last years NBA MVP Stephen Curry and they simply didn’t skip a beat! They began the 2015 – 2016  season with an incredible win streak of 28 games!

As the torch has been passed down to Michael, then to Kobe Bryant, then LeBron James, Stephen Curry is now clearly running away with it. As the best player in the league with his incredible play, from his uncanny 3 point shooting to his remarkable handles slipping through opponents defense, we haven’t seen a player quite like Steph.

While the spotlight continues to shine bright for Steph Curry, he isn’t the only All Star on this team. Players like the sharpshooter in Klay Thompson, the all around player Draymond Green, and the elite defender with Andre Iguadola coming off the bench, there isn’t exactly a weak spot for this team.

Stephen Curry Warriors

Stephen Curry and the Warriors look to beat the Bulls’ season win record. (Source: Keith Allison/flickr/Wikipedia – cropped)

The Warriors are simply stacked with talent, from the starters to the bench. Yet another reason for the teams success, is the coaching staff lead by Head Coach Steve Kerr.

Ironically enough, Steve Kerr was on the ’95 – ’96 Bulls when they had the 72 wins record in a single season. Now, Kerr looks to beat his old teams record as the coach of the Golden State Warriors.

How are the Warriors better than the best Bulls team ever?

Offensive Efficiency.

The game has certainly changed since the 90’s, and a prime example of this is the Warriors small-ball style offense. Essentially with four guards on the court the pace of the game quickens.

In a heads to head game, the ’15 – ’16 Warriors against the ’95 – ’96 Bulls would have basketball fans drooling. Michael Jordan will always be Michael. There is a reason people call him the GOAT, Greatest Of All Time. If you look at the other players on their respective teams, you’d see that the Warriors would have the advantage.

The Warriors players can only look to contain and slow down His “Airness”, Jordan. The same applies to Steph and trying to contain his ability to shoot almost anywhere on the court. Both players will find a way for their team to be close and competitive throughout the game.

Looking at the other players on the court, slight advantages are given to Klay Thompson and Draymond Green over Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. While Pippen should not be overlooked at what he has done in his career, Klay has also proven to play both sides of the game with even more efficiency with his offensive game.

A battle between characters of Draymond Green and Dennis Rodman would have everyone on the edge of their seats as both players are known for their energy and tenacity. Again, the advantage would go to the Warriors for Draymond Green.

Yes, Rodman was excellent in rebounding, there is no doubt about it. Draymond isn’t a push over and will put up a fight to grab those boards and then some. From scoring points to dishing out assists to his teammates, Draymond can do it all at both ends of the court.

Again in today’s game, the Warriors are perfectly set up to take down the almighty ’95 – ’96 Chicago Bulls team. The fast paced, small-ball era is taking over the game of basketball, and the Warriors are clearly using it to their advantage.

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