Simon Cowell Is The Best Thing To Happen To Music

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What do Leona Lewis, One Direction, Fifth Harmony and Carrie Underwood all have in common?

Simon Cowell, of course!

Time magazine has listed him as, “one of the 100 most influential people in world” not once, but twice! He has also been number 10 on TV Guide’s “60 Nastiest Villains of All Time.” So, how did he make both lists? He is unabashedly, brutally honest, and he recognizes immediately when an individual has “IT.”

Having a great voice and looks are not all it takes to be a star. You’ve got to have the personality, uniqueness and… who knows what else! If I knew the formula, I would try to have the same job as him (seeing as he is one of the wealthiest people in the UK).

Simon Cowell has created, produced and been a judge on numerous talent shows including Pop Idol, American Idol, The X Factor and Britain’s (and America’s) Got Talent. The fact that he could so seamlessly bring contestants to tears was, I think, the reason for the immediate success of these shows. And with this success, came the rise of stars.


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In Season Four of American Idol, before the live competition even started, Simon Cowell said how “this country singer, I think her name is Carrie” was someone to watch that season.

He also gave a little hint to what he looks for in competitors on the show: “She’s not just good in the competition, she’s good in the real world, and that’s what I look at.”

He told Carrie when she was being safe; he told her where to take risks. When people listen to Simon, it tends to work out pretty well for them. He then went on to say about Carrie, “I will make a prediction, not only will you win this show, you sell more records than any other previous Idol winner.”

He was right.

Leona Lewis was the winner of The X Factor in 2006. What made Simon such an influential factor in her career, and the careers of others, is that he has no qualms about telling people exactly what he thinks. Other judges would be too kind in their criticism so, contestants wouldn’t take their advice as seriously. Or the judges would want to advance people because they felt bad for them.

Not Simon. If he voted for you to advance, it was because you deserved it. If he told you to fix something, your chances of winning skyrocketed if you fixed it.

After Leona listened to Simon’s advice week after week, he told her at the finale, “I’ve been told this country will never produce someone that can represent Britain on a worldwide stage; you have proved them wrong.”

He has signed many people to his label, Syco, catapulting them into stardom.

Take Fifth Harmony for example. They all auditioned as individuals, but Simon saw the success that they could have as a group. They placed 3rd on the American version of the X Factor, and after signing with Simon, it didn’t matter one bit that they had not won the competition. Their smash hit, “Worth It,” is proof of that!

source: Ride of Fame

Source: Ride of Fame

Another third place X Factor winner is the world-renowned group, One Direction. I would argue that they are Simon Cowell’s greatest accomplishment! Not only was he their mentor on the show, but he made the decision to put the five guys together as a group for the duration of the competition. When it was announced that One Direction would not be advancing, Simon said, “All I can say is, this is just the beginning for these boys.”

One Direction Bieber

(Source: marcen27/flickr/Wikipedia)

No proof needed for that one.

Simon manages Leona Lewis, Fifth Harmony, Olly Murs, Susan Boyle, One Direction and many more great singers! His management style is very hands-off, which really lets the stars’ personality shine through, as it encourages them to be themselves.

“Our job is that we’re the people who put people together, but then I believe that they have to sort out for themselves afterwards.”

Looking at the variety of people that he has signed onto his label is proof that this approach is profitable. They are all different. He doesn’t try to change these people to make them famous; he makes them famous for who they are. He presents authentic artists to the world. And THAT is why he is the best thing to happen to music.

Do you believe Simon Cowell is the best thing to happen to music?

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