Justin Bieber Collaborations We’re All Waiting For!

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Justin Bieber is easily one of the top artists in the music industry today!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber on the Believe Tour back in 2012. (Source: Joe Bielawa/flickr/Wikipedia – cropped)

From performing YouTube covers to selling millions of albums, we have witnessed Bieber’s rise to super-stardom in the past six or so years.

With him celebrating his birthday this week, it was only fitting we write about him! While he’ll be making his own birthday wishes, we have some wishes for who he should collaborate with in the future.

The music industry is a small world. A person knows a person, and next thing you know the two artists are in the studio. Although Bieber recently released a new album, Purpose, we still want him to create new music especially with these artists!

Without a doubt, a song with anyone on this list would go straight to number one!

Kendall Schmidt

Kendall Schmidt Bieber

Kendall Schmidt hanging out with his fans during his surprise Ride of Fame IT induction! (Source: Ride of Fame)

While you may have first seen him on Nickelodeon as part of Big Time Rush, Kendall Schmidt has moved on and is creating his own music as one half of Heffron Drive.

Justin Bieber and the ROF Alum may at first sound odd, but if you look at the two and the songs they have made, this duo would certainly have fans excited!

One Direction

One Direction Bieber

One Direction performs at Glasgow for their fans. (Source: marcen27/flickr/Wikipedia)

Now this is a collaboration every girl would undoubtedly love to see. It combines two of the biggest fan bases in the world, the Beliebers and the Directioners!

There’s no doubt in my mind that a song with Justin Bieber and One Direction would go straight to the top of the charts and remain there for months!

Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony Bieber

ROF Alum’s Fifth Harmony stike a pose as they were inducting to the Ride of Fame! (Source: Ride of Fame)

We’ve seen Fifth Harmony cover Bieber’s, “What Do You Mean,” but an official song together would be perfect right about now.

With Fifth Harmony‘s success with chart toppers like “Worth It” and their latest single “Work From Home,” a feature with Justin Bieber would drop jaws from shock and excitement!

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Bieber

Justin Timberlake during the 2020 World Tour Experience. (Source: J Vettorino/flickr/Wikipedia)

Past meets present? A Justin and Justin song would obviously bridge the gap between two generations!

Bieber has previously compared his own career to Timberlake, so why not come full circle on a song together?! A song with the two would sure please the ears of many! Could you imagine the dance routine with the two?


Drake Bieber

Drake started from the bottom to becoming the best rapper today. (Source: igby0315/flickr/Wikipedia – cropped)

Yes, technically they’ve already made a song together with “Right Here.” However, both Canada natives have matured tremendously since 2012.

With Drake on top of the hip hop/rap world and Bieber releasing number one singles on a regular basis, a perfect pop-rap song would climb the charts and be a hit in the clubs!

Who would you like to see Justin Bieber work with?

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