Futbol Is Better Than Football: A NYCFC Experience

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It’s an argument that pops up time and time again: both sides claim to be the better “football.”

I’m your average American who grew up watching almost every football game on Sunday, flipping through the channels to catch a snippet of each and every game. But I’m here to say that the real football, the game where the words “foot” and “ball” actually apply, is soccer.

Let me explain.

As Americans, we cherish our Sundays packed with American football games, but the NFL (and the game itself) is largely popular only in this part of the world. Whereas the game of futbol is global.

There are approximately 3.5 billion fans for the game of soccer; that’s half of the world’s population! From interesting (and bizarre) pregame rituals to fans yelling club chants throughout the ENTIRE game, soccer is almost a religion to some. This is compared to American football; its fans account for only 400 million and is loved and adored prominently in North America.

This past weekend, I attended the NYCFC Home Opener vs. the Toronto FC, and I’ll tell you this: it was LOUD. One particular section (the club section) in Yankee Stadium did not stop cheering for the 90 plus minutes being played.

NYCFC futbol

NYCFC Home Opener at Yankee Stadium vs. Toronto FC.

Don’t get me wrong, a football stadium can be just as loud. But at the NYCFC Home Opener game, it took me by surprise to see so many fans come out for a game that was not basketball, baseball OR football.

With futbol on the rise here in the States, it’s time that we paid attention more than just once every four years. Yes, the World Cup is incredibly entertaining, but games and leagues in the US can be equally so.

With the World Cup being one of the biggest stages for the game of soccer, it shouldn’t be the only one you watch. You are most likely familiar with players on the National Team such as Alex Morgan, Clint Dempsey, and Tim Howard, but there are other great players in the United States.

NYCFC, for example, is stacked with players that are recognized by soccer fans globally. From ROF Alum Frank Lampard, to David Villa and Andrea Pirlo: these names may not sound familiar to you, but to billions of soccer fans, they are not only recognizable; they are legends of the game.

NYCFC futbol

ROF Alum’s and NYCFC players (from left to right) Frank Lampard, David Villa, and Andrea Pirlo.

Only time will tell if futbol becomes bigger than football in the US. My opinion? It’s going to happen. Certainly not overnight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the not-too-distant-future, the next Peyton Manning-like player is on the field, dribbling a soccer ball, scoring goals, being idolized on TV, and bringing the game to soccer to light in the US.

NYCFC futbol

ROF Alum Frank Lampard greeting young soccer fans at the Ride of Fame event.

Is futbol truly better than football?

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