Fifth Harmony: The Next Destiny’s Child

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The all-female group Fifth Harmony has grown to be quite a success in the music industry. Of course, we knew they would be all along since they are our ROF Alum after all!

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They remind us of a group known as Destiny’s Child, which includes Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Destiny’s Child is one of the top R&B acts of all time and for good reason! They were a triple threat with their music, dance moves and natural talent!

Fifth Harmony is not only a triple threat as well, but is clearly rising to the top in similar fashion to Destiny’s Child.

5H Is Formed

Fifth Harmony started their journey as five separate amazingly talented singers on the show, The X Factor. Simon Cowell saw their potential and formed them as a group. Even though they only finished third place, they went on to sign with Epic Records and Simon Cowell’s Syco Records.

Destiny’s Child also started with similar beginnings. They began their stardom when they first appeared on Star Search as Girl’s Tyme. Everything took off from there with the group officially forming in 1996 as a quartet. Original members included Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, LaTavia Roberson and LeToya Luckett. Due to Star Search and other performances, they signed with Columbia in 1997. Michelle Williams eventually joined Destiny’s child in 2000 after LaTavia and LeToya left the group.

The Big Hit

Fifth Harmony’s first album Reflection became a success with their first big hit, “Worth It”. This single was a hit with fans and non-fans alike, and skyrocketed 5H into stardom! It was on the charts for 23 weeks and #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. The “Worth It” YouTube video has over 715 Million views to date!

The single that really boosted Destiny’s Child into success like Fifth Harmony was the single, “Say My Name.” Even though it was the group’s third single, it was the most successful at the time. It was #1 on the Billboard charts and lasted 32 weeks!

The Success Continues

Since “Worth It” came out, Fifth Harmony’s success continues. Their song, “I’m In Love With a Monster,” was featured in Hotel Transylvania 2 which premiered this past September.

Fifth Harmony’s “Harmonizer” fan base has reached to 2.94 Million Twitter followers and over 6 Million Facebook page likes!

They recently announced the upcoming release of their new album, 7/27 this May! The album is actually named that because that was the day 5H was formed. To stir up buzz and hype for the album, they published their new single, “Work from Home.” It is climbing the charts now at #13 and has over 74 Million YouTube views already only after a month!

The success and impact of Destiny’s Child will never end. This is our hope for 5H as well. With multiple reunions over the years, it doesn’t really seem like Destiny’s Child is gone. Their most recent performance together was at the 2013 Super Bowl Halftime ShowKelly Rowland’s Birthday Party is proof that the women from Destiny’s Child will always remain friends.

Looking at Fifth Harmony’s journey so far, it is clear they are following in the path of Destiny’s Child’s success. They have the talent, music and dance moves, so what’s stopping them? Nothing! They are capable of anything and are a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully their success will continue with a Grammy win this year? Who knows!

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Fifth Harmony.

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