Kobe Bryant Taught Me How To Lose

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No one likes to lose, Kobe Bryant and myself included.

While the Golden State Warriors are currently the main sports headline, and rightfully so, there’s someone out there soon to be leaving his mark in the game of basketball.

In the NBA every so often comes a player that changes the game. You can see that today with Stephen Curry.

The 90’s had arguably the best player to ever play basketball in Michael Jordan. My generation was fortunate to have someone very similar to His Airness, Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant

After 20 season Kobe Bryant will retire from the NBA. (Source: Keith Allison via Flickr/Wikipedia – cropped)

As former player Jalen Rose has said, “Michael Jordan is the original, Kobe Bryant is the remix.”

The greatness of what Kobe Bryant embodies in the NBA is coming to an end (or already has depending on when you read this) and people can’t help but share stories of Kobe and the interactions they’ve had with him.

While I have never met Kobe, he did teach me a valuable lesson growing up, and that was to lose.

Let me explain. Growing up I can recall moments playing basketball with friends and whenever I lost, I remember being a sore loser not wanting to shake hands or would simply just walk away out of frustration.

Even today, my cousins would jokingly tell me how they didn’t want to play any type of games with me as I would get “too competitive” or “ruin the fun.”

What changed is when I started watching basketball heavily in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The Los Angeles Lakers ran by Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant were basically the face of the league.

Kobe, more specifically, was my favorite player growing up, and still is, from the high flying dunks to the most ridiculous shots he’d make. But seeing a great athlete lose and how mature he responded during post-game interviews opened my eyes on how I should carry myself on and off the basketball court.

As great as Kobe Bryant was, losing comes with wanting to be the best.

From him I learned that to get better in anything, you must first take into account the mistakes you’ve made and to learn from them. Instead of whining and complaining about losing, I should take action and look to become better! Ever since, it has stayed with me.

As Kobe Bryant prepares for his final days in the NBA, with millions of fans giving their final cheers and applause’s for him, I will never forget this quote:

The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.

Mr. Kobe “Bean” Bryant has certainly inspired  myself and many others. I would like to thank him for his influence on me as a young, immature basketball fan.

Thank you to Kobe for the 20 incredible seasons!

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