James Corden: The NEW King of Late Night

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We all know that the title for “King of Late Night” has been up for grabs ever since David Letterman retired. Some say it’s Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel, but no one compares to James Corden! He has clearly proven himself to be the new “King of Late Night” and here’s why!

1. Carpool Karaoke

James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke is revolutionary! Who knew celebrities singing in a car would become so popular! From One Direction to Justin Bieber, James knows what singers to choose! To date, all of his Carpool Karaoke videos combined have reached over 655 Million Views! His most viewed Carpool Karaoke was with Adele! Watch it below!

2. He Appeals to the New Generation

What James Corden does better than ANY current late night talk show hosts is appeal to the current generation! Yes, Jimmy Fallon has Lip Sync Battle and his weekly Hashtags segment, but he hasn’t adjusted the show to appeal to a younger audience.

Besides Carpool Karaoke, James has created multiple segments younger audiences would be interested in. Here are some just to name a few; Emoji News, Bar Tricks, Live Tinder and Mystery Pizza Box!

His most recent NEW segment “Drop The Mic” is awesome and hilarious. It’s always fun to watch celebrities roasting one another!

3. He Always Surprise’s Us!

With the Late Late Show, you never know what Corden is going to do next. From “Tattoo Roulette” with One Direction to “Act Out” with Tom Hanks, he always keeps you wondering!

Who would have expected James to risk getting a tattoo live on TV?! He’s truly up to doing anything!

4. Has Experience Outside of the Late Late Show

James Corden has made a name for himself not just on late night TV. He became popular among the Broadway community after winning the 2012 Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play for One Man, Two Guvnors. In 2014, he starred in the movie musical, Into The Woods, in which he played the baker. Most recently, he hosted this year’s Tony Awards and it honestly was one of the BEST Tony Awards in years! Just watch the Opening Number!

Clearly, James has made a name for himself outside of late night more than Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel ever have!

5. Is A YouTube Sensation!

James Corden has dominated over ALL the other Late Night hosts on YouTube! Really all that matters is the amount of video views and James Corden has that in the bag. His show has the MOST viewed YouTube video of ANY current Late Night Host! Check out the numbers!

If this doesn’t prove James Corden is the “King of Late Night”, I don’t know what will! He is hilarious, innovative and clearly listens to what the late night audience wants! The way things are headed, he could be as great as Letterman!

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