Margot Robbie: The Next Angelina Jolie

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With the release of Suicide Squad, it’s safe to say that Margot Robbie has made it to the top. And you can expect her to stay there for a long, long time. She’s young, talented, beautiful AND she is just getting started!

I’ve always been certain that only Angelina Jolie could be Lara Croft. That is, until Margot Robbie came along. Not only does she have the right look, but she has the same commanding presence that is so characteristic of Angelina Jolie.

Take a look at Margot Robbie’s recent films. Her roles mirror characters that Angelina Jolie has portrayed in past movies. Margot was nothing short of amazing beside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. It calls to mind Angelina Jolie’s role as Olympias alongside Colin Farrell in Alexander. These women far outshone the leading men that they were playing “supporting” roles beside and quite unabashedly put them in their place.

Check out Margot Robbie discussing her experience on Wolf of Wall Street and how she far exceeded people’s expectations.

Margot Robbie’s Jess Barrett in Focus brings to mind Angelina’s Jane Smith in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Robbie channels Jolie’s constantly suave charisma in order to accurately portray the conniving leading lady in Focus. Both women not only slay their roles, but they also make Will Smith and Brad Pitt look better for it.  

If you haven’t seen Focus yet, be SURE to check it out!

With Margot Robbie’s role as Jane Porter in Tarzan, she is following in Jolie’s footsteps once more. These women brought the Disney characters that they were portraying to life in such an innovative way. Maleficent was not only one of Jolie’s most powerful performances, but it is her largest box office hit to date. Robbie did a fantastic job of portraying Tarzan’s Jane as so much more than a “damsel in distress.”

Lastly, Margot Robbie’s role as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad is what really has people talking right now. She once again has hit the ball out of the park! Her portrayal of Harley Quinn reminds me of two of Jolie’s past characters: Evelyn Salt and Fox. Jolie stars in the comic book film Wanted as Fox, an assassin recruiter. The fearlessness she portrays in this film can be seen in Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

In Salt, Jolie played the lead role of Evelyn Salt, a role that was originally written for Tom Cruise. This is by far my favorite Jolie movie. Watching the action scenes in Salt and Suicide Squad, you are sure to see the similarities too!

Before today, I had never equated anyone to the beloved Angelina Jolie, and I am sure to never do it again. But Margot Robbie is most definitely someone to keep your eye on! Before you know it, she’ll be directing and producing films left and right!

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