Why Keith Urban Will Sweep The CMAs!

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Who knew that an Aussie could make such an impact on American Country Music? Keith Urban fell in love with country and began winning talent shows with the genre at a very young age. He debuted in Nashville with the band The Ranch, and went solo shortly after. He has grown to be a country music success with adoring fans!

Keith Urban on Good Morning America

Keith Urban on Good Morning America

Keith Urban is no stranger to the spotlight, and certainly no stranger to winning awards. He is an 8-time Country Music Award winner and has been nominated 37 times! For the 2016 CMAs, he has been nominated for 4 categories including Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year and Musical Event of the Year. Here’s why Keith will clearly sweep at this year’s CMAs!

His latest album, Ripcord, is one of his best yet! This album is a clear example of how Keith Urban is more than just a country artist. He draws inspiration from multiple sources in this album including Israel, India and 80s music. I think his time at American Idol really influenced him to be more open to the music of the world. For example on the song, “That Could Still Be Us”, he was amazed by this Brooklyn musician, Jonny Price, and the music he wrote.

With Ripcord, he also embraced the use of collaborations for example with Pitbull, Nile Rodgers and Carrie Underwood. This truly took his country music status to a whole new level! His song, “Sun Don’t Let Me Down”, featured Pitbull and Nile Rodgers. After recording this song with Nile, Keith realized something was missing. One day, he heard one of Pitbull’s songs and realized Pitbull was the missing piece.

Then you have the Queen of Country, Carrie Underwood. Keith and Carrie are nominated for Musical Event of the Year for their song, “The Fighter.” This song is not the traditional duet which makes this song very unique in the country music world. It’s more of a back and forth conversation between a man and a woman. Watch Keith talk about Carrie and “The Fighter”.

Lastly, he is truly passionate not only about his music, but performing as well. By listening to his latest album and commentary, he clearly put his heart and soul into writing and performing his music. I’ve always been a fan of Keith Urban’s ‘hit’ songs, but when Ripcord came out, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the entire album.

A few weeks ago, I got to witness this myself at the Good Morning America Keith Urban Summer Series Concert in Central Park. So, I was obviously ecstatic upon realizing I could see him performing songs from this album FOR FREE!! He performed with an ease that I’ve never encountered before. There was a genuine smile on his face the entire time that he was singing, making me wonder who was enjoying the concert more: the audience or him!

Suffice to say, with vocals and rapport like that, I would be astonished if he doesn’t come away from the CMAs with a few more wins under his belt Make sure to tune into the CMAs on November 2nd on ABC.

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