Game of Thrones v. Mr. Robot: Who will win the Emmy?

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The Emmy Awards category on everyone’s mind is Outstanding Drama Series. The amazing shows included in this category are Better Call Saul, Downton Abbey, Homeland, Game of Thrones, Mr. Robot, The Americans and House of Cards. This year is definitely going to be competitive for the Outstanding Drama Series Emmy. Out of all the shows, the two that stand out as the top competitors are Game of Thrones and Mr. Robot. So, who will win the Emmy: Game of Thrones or Mr. Robot?


Both of these shows have a great cast! Game of Thrones has Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Kit Harington (Jon Snow) and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), and Mr. Robot with Rami Malik (Elliot Alderson) and Christian Slater (Mr. Robot). I can’t deny that I love the acting in Game of Thrones and the characters in it. The actors portray their characters amazingly especially Emilia Clarke this past season. Daenerys was made out to be both a strong woman and leader, and a force to be reckoned next season.

Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore.

Emilia Clarke. Source: Flickr/Gage Skidmore. (cropped)

However, I do believe Mr. Robot has better acting than Game of Thrones. Rami Malik’s performance as Elliot is unlike anything I have seen on TV! There’s so much complexity, emotion and passion behind this character. Elliot is depressed, suffers from psychological issues and is an introvert. He’s a Drug Addict, Hacker, Rebel and Leader all wrapped up into one character! Rami’s pulls off the character of Elliot flawlessly.

Then, you have Christian Slater who plays Mr. Robot. This character is strong, assertive, a risk taker, and a leader. Slater portrays this character spectacularly and brings his classic humor to the character as well. Just watch them in this scene from the first season!

Game of Thrones: 0 , Mr. Robot: 1


I have to say when Game of Thrones first came out, the plot was amazing! All of the different characters, locations and drama! However as the seasons have gone on, some of the show has become predictable. For example this past season, you knew Ramsey would die at the hands of Sansa, and that Daenerys would lead her army to King’s Landing. However, it is interesting to see who will ultimately take the Iron Throne!

Mr. Robot’s plot is something new and relevant to society. The show is about a mentally unstable and depressed hacker who joins fsociety. Their main goal is to erase all debt by attacking E Corp. I love how this plot is related to some truth in reality since many people believe large corporation are trying to steal your money. Yes, the show is new but it keeps you guessing! It’s definitely not predictable. For example (SPOILERS), at the end of Season 1 you learn Mr. Robot is actually another personality of Elliot!

Game of Thrones: 0 , Mr. Robot: 2

Special Effects

Obviously, Game of Thrones conquers with its special effects. Between Game of Thrones and Mr. Robot, there’s no comparison! Dragons, White Walkers and those battles! Who can forgot the Battle of the Bastards from this past season! It was purely amazing! One the best battle scenes I have ever seen!

Game of Thrones: 1 , Mr. Robot: 2


For show viewership, Game of Thrones takes the win! GoT has been around for six seasons and its viewership continue to rise! The Season 6 finale reached a high of about 8.9 million viewers! GoT is one of those rare shows that attracts and keeps viewers! In Mr. Robot’s defense, its Season 1 ratings were pretty good and Game of Thrones has been around much longer! The Mr.Robot finale reached 1.21 Million viewers and left viewers on a cliffhanger of course!

Game of Thrones: 2 , Mr. Robot: 2

Past Awards

With the Game of Thrones cast being so large and the show being around longer than Mr. Robot, it clearly has more award wins and nominations. In total, Game of Thrones has had 231 wins out of the 601 awards it has been up for. One advantage GoT has for the Outstanding Drama Series category is that they won it last year and had a killer season 6!

However, out of the 31 awards Mr. Robot has been nominated for (some still pending); it has won 13 awards already! That’s pretty impressive for a new show! The amount of awards both shows have won is amazing!

Final Tally – Game of Thrones: 3, Mr. Robot: 2

It’s very close, but Game of Thrones beat out Mr. Robot! Yes, on paper this is clear as day. However, with the Emmy’s anything is possible! Game of Thrones has the advantage with its special effects, many seasons and cast, while Mr. Robot has the advantages of having a great plot and acting. It will definitely be interesting to see who wins the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.

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