Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Netflix Binge

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Whatever your plans may be for Valentine’s Day, make sure you do your binge watching correctly! Let us help you. Whether you’re going out with you significant other or you have a special date with you best friends, these movies will ensure that you spend Valentine’s Day surrounded by love!

To watch with friends:

Step Up

Two unlikely dancers who fall in love? How could you not be obsessed? Whether you’re here for the dancing or for the romance, you won’t be disappointed. What’s even more unbelievable is that the stars actually end up together in real life, talk about a fairy tale ending.

Love actually 

Love, actually is everywhereEven though it is technically a Christmas movie, it can be enjoyed year round. Spreading the love and the holiday spirit is technically what Valentine’s Day is all about too! So celebrate the love in the air with Love Actually.

To Watch Alone:

Bridget Jones

Spend your Valentine’s Day with Bridget Jones. She’s the perfect lady to get you through the night with laughs and cries.


If you’re so totally clueless with your love life then don’t even worry this is the perfect movie for you! Watch 16 year old Beverly Hills native Cher figure out that she totally clueless in every sense of the matter. It’s a coming of age-comedy-romantic chick flick that’ll have you absolutely missing the ‘90s.

Watch With Your Date:


Grease is the world!!! Everyone can find something to love about this rom-com musical! It’s a lighthearted sing a long that will have you and your S.O. dancing and singing along.

10 Things I Hate About You

Even in 2017, the 1999 movie is as relatable as ever and still hits you with those feels. Cuddle up to bae and watch the adorable rom-com that made you love love in the first place!