Whatever your plans may be for Valentine’s Day, make sure you do your binge watching correctly! Let us help you. Whether you’re going out with you significant other or you have a special date ...Read More
The Super Bowl is quickly approaching! Whether you tune in for the game, the commercials, the half time performance or just the miraculous wings and dips at your Super Bowl party.. it’s a day for ev ...Read More
You may think that the most wonderful time of the year is just wrapping up, but GUESS WHAT. It is just getting started! The NFL playoff season is upon us. The first round of playoffs was pretty predic ...Read More
Award show season is here so you better make room on your DVR if you won’t be around Sunday night. But let’s be real… why would you EVER want to miss the Golden Globes? First of all, Jimmy F ...Read More
It’s out with the old and in the new! Sadly, that includes our faves of 2016… let’s hope they continue to be just as fabulous and relevant in 2017 as they were this year. Chris Pratt ...Read More

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