Voting Rules

Your vote counts in getting your favorite celebrity their bus on the Ride of Fame in NYC!

We’ve said since day one that the Ride of Fame is a fans award. It’s the fans who decide who’s popular, it’s the fans who decide who’s the next big thing, so why shouldn’t the fans have a say in who comes to New York on the Ride of Fame? That’s why we have dedicated a large part of the algorithm that decides which celebrities are eligible one the Ride of Fame to a fan vote. If the fans want you, they can vote you into the Ride of Fame!

Here’s how the voting works:

  • Visit *
  • Each day you get 10 new votes. You can use them all on one person or spread them out evenly
  • If you don’t see who you want to vote for, you can nominate celebrities for the Ride of Fame on the bottom of the page.
  • Once a celebrity receives enough nominations, they will be moved to the main voting page

The Perks

So why take the time to vote? Sure, it’s great to see your favorite celebrity win awards, but wouldn’t it be much cooler to be there when they accept it? Yeah, we think so, too.

  • If you’re the first person to nominate a celebrity, and they are honored on the Ride of Fame, you will be invited as a special VIP guest to the induction ceremony where you get to meet them!
  • If you are in the top 10% of vote givers to a celebrity, you will be entered to win a chance at being a VIP guest to the induction ceremony where you get to meet them! This means keep voting as many times as you can for your favorite celebrity to make sure you’re eligible to win!

I’m sure you’re wondering what your vote actually counts for. Well, the fan vote is a huge part of our algorithm which decides who is to be honored, weighted to enhance its influence. Here are the other contribution factors:

  • Fan votes on
  • Years in industry
  • Industry specific awards
  • Industry specific projects
  • Current projects
  • Projects in post production
  • Projects in development
  • Projects with firm release dates
  • Fan club members
  • Facebook likes
  • Twitter followers
  • Other SoME qualifiers
  • IMDB star meter ranking
  • ROF panel votes

So what are you waiting for? Vote for your favorite celebrity to be on the next Ride of Fame!

* VOTE page displays five “featured” honorees.  They include top vote receivers, as well as the most recent top nominated prospective honoree.